tiny video showcase

curated by beatrice douaihy and tiana dueck

The lo-fi video is an exercise in compromise; between quality and rapid delivery, between sticky desires and unofficial channels. A pixelated YouTube video that won’t stop buffering, a 4K film forced to stream at 360p. Yet the image champions through battered pixels and garbled audio, lending standard definition a heightened glory.

Lo-fi video is a key to reducing the internet’s carbon footprint, and creating a more accessible WWW where low-bandwidth internet is not a barrier. We were inspired by the Small File Media Festival, and are grateful for the effort their team put into researching just how big a difference a tiny file can make. Have a look at what they’re about here!

It is no coincidence that the concept of tiny videos felt enticing in the time of COVID-19. Those of us who are lucky to have a roof over our head, have seen our worlds shrink to fit within four walls. More than this, our fields of vision have shrunk. The scope of dire possibilities feels salient, the immediate threats are closer, pathogenic – tiny. So are the cures: the smaller joys in life. We hope to reflect those joys in our colony of teeny tiny videos (under 5 MB each, to be exact!).

Further, exploring the tiny video is significant to being energy conscious. Websites are growing heavier and heavier with videos, databases, and other resources. We often think that online resources are the more eco-friendly option, which is unfortunately not always the case. The heavier the website, the more energy it uses. Let's be conscious about hosting videos online with less environmental impact, and more creative impact.

Please enjoy our tiny video showcase...

No Recollection by Beatrice Douaihy
No recollection of these events, only what it felt like to photograph them.

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A Collection is an Aggregate by Tiana Dueck
Voice memos and fruit memos come together to think.

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BLUE MOVIE by Kalil Haddad
Boy meets girl... on a molecular level.

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Chapter House 1-3, 2020 by Andrei Pora
Short compositions coupled to found footage from YouTube.

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The Sunday Rhythm by Chloe Vlahos
It's that time of the week again: we rise and fall to the sunday rhythm.

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nap time by Hannah Polinski
nap time is a daydream borrowing “bashy” by the free electric band.

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videos tinyfied by beatrice douaihy