There's No Place Like Home

By Josie Eccleston and Sofia LaGrotta
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There’s No Place Like Home (2019) maps our bedrooms and projects them elsewhere, stripping those spaces of any sentimentality. There is no ideal space for the work to exist as it will never recreate our homes. Reducing our most precious and intimate objects down to simple text invites the viewer to project their own ideas of what the text stands in place of. By putting the places we live on display in this manner, the work explores the boundaries between art and artist — questioning how much of our personal lives is visible within our practice.

Now living in a different home, the piece serves as a kind of obituary to the places we used to call home and the feeling that was present there.

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Using projectors and word processing software we labeled all the personal items in our bedrooms including our furniture, decorations and art on our walls. Each object in these spaces have sentimental value, placed specifically with thought and intention.

We loved the way the light of the projector curved around our belongings almost as if becoming part of a collage.

The objects in our bedrooms can be transported, we can simulate the effect the projections had dancing around our homes, but it doesn’t compare to the real thing.

Photographs of our rooms with the projections allow the viewer to observe what we saw and essentially play “i-spy” with the projections serving as a kind of key.

By mapping the objects in our rooms and projecting them into the critique room, they lose all sentimental value and meaning. The installation explores the separation of art and artist and where that line exists.

Screens of varying sizes – some of which we carry with us everyday - invite the viewer in to examine the rooms in different ways.
Our coats hang on the walls of the room; when removed from our bodies they cannot personify us.

The installation can be set up anywhere, creating a kind of “mobile home”. The projected walls morph and bend around objects, creating new silhouettes each time the work is displayed. There’s no limitations to where the work can be displayed as the space is malleable; no matter what it won’t recreate the space it was drawn.