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music producers

I am a filmmaker, looking for score from music producers who specialize in ambient electronic music. Not for any specific project yet...

looking for ~ musicians

volvox vault: metamorphosis

An issue about transformation, growth, and change.

looking for ~ participants

playlist generator

Looking for folks interested in building a democratic playlist generator for the post rona days, so car rides and kickbacks and what ever can be filled with music from everyone's taste. Hopefully it'll end up something that could turn a profit but that's not on the head of the docket.

looking for ~ programmers, designers, folks who think they might be able to help :)

gossips web

The directory of handmade webpages.

looking for ~ handmade webpages & web explorers

sunday sites

This is a place to write code and socialize. A couple of Sundays a month, we meet on Zoom Gather and write HTML for around two hours.

looking for ~ participants


all answers can be directed to my email.

looking for ~ answers