volvox vault vol. 03 | winter 2020


a whole formed by combining several elements.

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This issue is for collaboration, and seeing what happens when we put our minds together. It's for connecting with each other: a connection is an aggregate. I believe that our energy has a vibration. When we gather with people who inspire us that vibration is impacted. I notice that when I am in a space with people who inspire me, or even if I'm simply observing things they've created, my vibration (or my frequency) feels radiant. When you find the right people, your energy can radiate so vibrantly that those around you can feel it too. I believe we should follow the light that we see in people, and that's the magic of this issue. Every piece is glowing with a frequency that comes from the core of each person's inspired collaborative energy. Channel into your vibration and enjoy Aggregate. :)

tiana dueck - editor in chief

jeff bezos actually works for me

by the john denver airport conspiracy


an art film by kalil haddad

A story of the eye - one read through the lens of desire.
Remixing various fragments of archival material, HONEYPOT is best contextualized within the tradition of video art. Utilizing hybrid, maximalist forms of narrative fiction, digital art, and documentary, the confluence of these elements is understood through their abstraction, through repeat viewings. Not void of narrative, yet not contingent upon it. Rather than a traditional film, which carries itself narratively from moment to moment, the meaning of HONEYPOT can be found within the implicit, connective relationships between scenes, analyzed within its details, its subtext - a combination of both the literal, symbolic, and the space between.
What does it mean for two people to feel close?

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natan lawson's little moments

Tiana: How would you describe yourself as an artist?

I'm naturally drawn to observe and collect ephemera. These are the transient objects, textures, and printed matter we encounter in our daily lives that one might throw out, or simply overlook. The principles that make an image pleasing to the eye - composition, movement, contrast, scale, connection - are at work everywhere. I find that anything, from the template of a child's cursive worksheet to the printed pattern on a paper plate, can often be appreciated for its formal qualities. While some might consider these things as insignificant or dismiss as outright trash, I find joy in letting my eye sort through the scraps to find those moments that speak to me as art. By collecting, documenting, and collaging these remnants into the primary source material of my paintings, I aim to monumentalize and celebrate the iconography in our everyday life. Since 2018 I've been using needle point as the primary source material in my paintings. There's so much that I like about needlepoint: First of all, it has endless source material. (I've accumulated thousands of scans in an archive and keep collecting more). Second, it is relatable on an emotional level (reminding us of home/domesticity). I also find the iconography is a valuable carrier of ideas. Needlepoint straddles this weird space where the imagery can either relate to a personal connection (say, your cat) or the archetype, the idea of the thing itself. I think needlepoint iconography exists in our collective unconscious as a visual, common denominator. Finally, needlepoint has formal qualities of the grid and stitch that lends itself to working with a computer: thread count corresponds to pixel size and a set of coordinates from gcode naturally replicates a stitch of thread. In short, I like to look for inspiration in the scraps. I love noticing compositions and identifying little moments: the discarded bits, clippings, doodles, and still lifes that when cropped, scaled, and replicated, give it new attention and life through my perspective of noticing and honoring the richness in their original design.

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AHH 20

a fashion collection by lynne

What were your inspirations for the AHH 20 collection?

A really bad summer in 2019 and the Evangelion series - especially The End of Evangelion. I obsessively screen shotted many frames and had them printed and displayed on early design boards in my apartment for many months.

lynne | rue | joseph | tiana | nayake

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music: what's paradise by dwig

schaefer genco, lara o'lanick, noah bradbury, dylan obront, dame anthony, & kate shatalow