volvox vault vol. 02 | fall 2020


nearness in space, time, or relationship.

Welcome to the Fall 2020 issue of Volvox Vault: Proximity. This issue is all about nearness and farness from people, places, creativity, and more. We’re wondering, how does proximity impact your creative drive, social energy, interests, habits, and so on? I’ve been pondering a study which was done involving college students and a bowl of apple slices. It showed that when participants were closer to the apple slices, they ate significantly more of them [Gregory J. Privitera & Heather E. Creary]. So, similar to how we’ll eat the apple when it’s within reach, when we’re in close proximity to other creatives: we create more. We need each other to learn from and be inspired by. Especially during an international pandemic, we need to get creative about how we come together. So here we are! There’s something incredibly uplifting about immersing yourself into a collection of diverse perspectives like this, yet somehow they all seem to come from the same universal consciousness. I hope you will find some comfort and inspiration in this issue, the times have been stressful. Imagine each piece as an apple slice from the same nutritious apple, and enjoy!

Exploring the independent web with Elliott Cost and Laurel Schwulst. [Full Artricle] tiana dueck - editor in chief

pools - charlie weare

“Pools.” is a personal effort to encapsulate the emotional drought of self isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic, hoping to provide a sensual experience showcasing the spectrum of proximity through photography & music. The photograph, taken by my partner, Hunter McNeil, showcases my interpretation of the spectrum of proximity. Together, touching, genuinely nearby, expressed by the couple skipping rocks, and apart, isolated, or alone, the emptiness which surrounds them. All of which I crave simultaneously. Paired with the composition, an eleven-minute personal response to the contrasting spectrum of proximity expressed through instrumentation. Together the visual, & auditory aspects of this project provide an underlying sense of affection, & intimacy within the pieces through the lens of proximity.

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2259 mi - caesaria kim

Lately I’ve become more aware of my habit of looking for home elsewhere. I am always thinking “Okay, in 2 years I’ll be in [location] doing [activity], and I’ll finally be happy.” That self promise of future happiness is sometimes all that I cling on to. Of course, this isn’t sustainable, because the closer I get to my perfectly envisioned future, the clearer it is to see that nothing changes just based on location.
When I was in San Francisco, I spent a lot of time thinking about Toronto. Now that I’m in Toronto, I spend a lot of time thinking about New York. I am constantly trying to find a place where I will miraculously be happy, instead of just building one within myself. I’m working on that, but in the mean time, I’ll keep daydreaming about my fantasy cottage in New Zealand...
Photos taken in San Francisco and Toronto. Collaged in Keynote.

alex - version 3

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